Archery Instruction is available at the Kodabow Factory Range. Please email to set up a lesson or get answers to any questions. We reserve shooting space and lessons times by appointment.  Our Archery Instructor, Chuck Matasic,  is also the Archery Director at the West Chester Gun Club and arrangements can be made to shoot outdoors and at longer distances weather permitting. There is an EMPHASIS on traditional archery -- basically recurve and longbows and we know our stuff.  AN APPOINTMENT TIME IS REQUIRED BY EMAIL FOR INSTRUCTION OR FOR SHOOTING AT OUR EXTON BARN LOCATION. You can shoot on your own with our equipment or receive instruction and assistance. If you are interested in joining the West Chester Gun Club with flexible outdoor shooting hours, we can provide you with the necessary guidance. All types of bows - (traditional and compound) are welcome.

Our range is located in a Barn at:

411 Clover Mill Road (Lower Barn)

Exton, PA 19341

Shooting in a Barn: This is a rustic environment. That means a lot of character. As you approach the barn, you might be put off a bit by the exterior appearance but forge ahead. Once inside, you will find a  lighted 21 yard range that allows the shooter to gain an excellent perspective of arrow flight and a positive and encouraging environment. It is a place to shoot, have fun  and immerse yourself in all things archery.  BUT IT IS NOT FANCY. YEP -- THE RANGE IS REALLY NOT FANCY! 

Parking at the Barn: We are adjacent to Penske Truck Leasing. Turn right on the 2nd asphalt entrance way just past the Penske sign on your right.  DO NOT TAKE THE DIRT ROAD. STAY ON HARD PAVEMENT. Look for a large round bush and propane tank and park down below or pull into the area directly in front of the Kodabow entrance way. When you park down below, you will walk 100 steps up a slight hill to your left and look for the Kodabow sign. 

COST: $75.00 Adults ; $50.00 for Youth 16 and Under - for our Comprehensive Introductory Archery Course. This course is by appointment only and plan to be on the range for over 2 hours. Bring a bottle of water. All equipment is provided. THIS COURSE IS VERY GOOD AND YOU WILL LEARN A LOT! IT WILL BE THE CORE EXPERIENCE YOU NEED TO EFFECTIVELY SHOOT A TRADITIONAL BOW.

Private Instruction:  $40.00 per hour.

Range Use: $12.00

Equipment Rental: $12.00 (Bow and Arrows)

Archery Instructor:  Chuck Matasic Background: Outdoor oriented enthusiast, Retired Naval Officer, Business Executive, Mergers/Acquisitions Outdoor Industry Advisor, Founder of an archery equipment company and former President of a firearms company. Accomplished archer, hunter and firearms expert.  Chuck is recognized as a Certified Archery Instructor by USA Archery and the National Field Archery Association. Chuck is knowledgeable about Vintage bows produced in the US during the 50's, 60's and 70's.  Today, there is a resurgence in traditional bows and there are many individual bowyers producing wonderful custom bows. 

The purpose of this website is to provide insight about how Chuck teaches archery. Instruction must have a "fun" orientation because if a student doesn't discover the joy of shooting an arrow early, they may never pursue this special activity. Chuck will tell you he has refined an Instructional Process over the past 10 years that really works. The basic components are:   

1 - Understand and appreciate the Equipment   

2 -Gain a sense of history and the pioneers in Modern Archery   

3 - Learn the 4 basic things that every successful archer does.   

4 - Define your personal shooting form and process. Practice and modify. 

(Build a blueprint for shot much like you are building a house.)   

There is a saying that "when 1 teaches, 2 learn."  That means that the student teaches the instructor as well. Over many years and with many students, Chuck learned that asking students to adhere to a rigid shooting form doesn't work.  People are different and asking a student to exactly replicate another person's exact shooting style and thought process is counterproductive. It is more beneficial to launch the student into archery with an understanding of the implications of doing different things and watch them explore and build a personal style.   

"I believe an instructor should join their students and shoot. All talk and direction. No fun.  I often shoot with my students and we compare and contrast results. "

DON'T RUSH OUT AND PURCHASE A BOW:  The probability of properly purchasing archery equipment without a few shooting sessions under your belt ...... combined with knowledgeable guidance is VERY LOW.  A young man arrived on the range recently with a brand new compound bow.  He needed a Left Hand bow to shoot effectively but had a Right Hand bow. The draw weight was 20 lbs higher than required based on his strength level. He really could not pull the bowstring back safely. His new arrows were better suited for a 70 lb bow  and looked like telephone poles. It was a shame.  If you are eventually interested in owning your equipment, we will guide you towards the right purchase. Kodabow offers quality recurve and longbows that are priced between $100.00 and $199.99 and we ensure you have optimal performance before walking out the door.....but there is absolutely no obligation to purchase gear at Kodabow.

"I have been shooting a bow since the 1960's. I made every mistake possible. While Field Archery existed at that time, not many people I knew had bows, participated in archery or hunted with bows in those days. Learning to shoot was primarily a self directed effort. There were far fewer resources compared to today with the internet, books, events, and places to shoot. Opportunities are much better now - there is an archery avenue for every interest whether it is target shooting or hunting." - Chuck 

Fun does not mean that instruction is superficial or lightweight. Expect to gain a comprehensive and technical understanding of bows and arrows. Chuck knows his stuff and will share with you the appreciation he has  for equipment and perfect arrow flight.  He leads all the teaching activities and has had great success with with all age groups from age 5 to 90. Small teams from large Corporate Groups, Scouting Organizations, Family Groups, husbands and wives -  have all found this instruction exceptional. 

The focus is on traditional equipment and building personal confidence through achievement in a relaxed setting.    It's a different teaching style. Walk away with a sense of accomplishment.  A benefit of  traditional equipment is the connection between mind and muscles to a wooden bow which is absolute and uncomplicated. With the first lesson, you will begin to compete with yourself to improve and master skills. You might even begin competing with others on your first visit but any competition is done in a positive and encouraging manner aimed at increasing focus and performance.      



 Expect the initial lesson to go for over 2 hours to get a solid grounding in form and equipment to build upon in future shooting sessions.  It is never rushed or hurried.

We have instructed family groups (5 individuals) at one time at our Clover  Mill facility. 

In 2017, we provided an archery session for 8 adult teachers who progressed during the session to a fun competition among themselves after getting the basics.  This was their annual Corporate outing. Chuck felt a bit under a microscope since these were professional educators and he was the "archery teacher".  The group eventually split into two teams and had a spirited mini-tournament.  Safety is always emphasized in groups or individual instruction.   We received an email the next day. It said, "Chuck, the care you took when working with us made each of us more confident.  You seemed to know just what to say and do to both put us at ease and to challenge us.  We all left having learned about ourselves -- as well as about archery!" 

  Well....that's been the objective from day #1.



 Our core students are individuals who take up archery for the pure enjoyment of shooting arrows, exercise and informal competition. I strive to help the student become independent so they can set their own direction and pursue archery formats they find most enjoyable .....whether it is informal shooting time with others, competition, target 3D, hunting, backyard shooting, health, or personal development. 

For some students, archery becomes a lifestyle activity. If a few days pass without shooting an arrow,  they just don't feel right. There is Zen, Yoga, Cardio --- that is part of shooting an arrow and people have been doing it for 15,000 years so don't be surprised to discover a powerful connection to archery!  We think everyone has the potential to become a "toxophilite." 

(Now there is a good word to look up!) 

Students often end up joining the West Chester Gun Club where Chuck is the Archery Director. It is a place to shoot with others during our weekly social shoot or just spend some time alone with your bow, a few arrows and a target. The Club is an economical place to shoot and the same membership includes trapshooting at the Club. Chuck also teaches trapshooting at the Club on Tuesday afternoons. 

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Archery Skill Center


Instruction is by appointment and range use at the barn is by appointment. The most flexible and economic place to shoot is at the Gun Club.